Friday 25. September 2020


The mountain massif of Radhošť is interlaced with several hundred-metre-long sandstone caves. According to one of many legends, at the beginning of the century the caves used to be spacious enough to allow a horse carriage going from Pustevny to Radhošť to pass through. In the times of early Christianity, the slavonic apostles St. Cyril and Methodius converted here. In the medieval times the mountain was often visited by treasure seekers. One of the foundation stones that were used for the construction of the National Theatre in Prague comes from Radhošť. Since the 1960s the so-called "Cyril-Methodius pilgrimages" are held on Radhošť at the beginning of July which attract thousands and thousands of people. Radhošť used to attract Muses with its mysterious charm. The history of Radhošť was often chanted in verses of František Palacký, František Táborský. Czech poets like Svatopluk Čech, Petr Bezruč, Otakar Březina or Jaroslav Seifert visited Radhošť in person. On the top of Radhošť there is a chapel dating from 1898 and a group of statues of Cyril and Methodius dating from 1905. In the vinicity the mountain hotel Radegast can be found. The nature reserve of a fir-beech forest is also within reach.



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