Wednesday 21. October 2020

Mining Museum

The largest mining museum in the Czech Republic, which houses a range of technical monuments in the historic Ševčik, Anna and Vojtěch mines. From the yard of the Anna mine it is possible to enter the underground galleries, and walk or travel by pit train along the 260m Prokop (Procopius) Adit that leads to the mouth of the 1832 Prokop pit, the deepest shaft in the Březové Hory area (1600m), and one of the deepest anywhere in Central Europe. The 532m long Marianská Adit can also be visited.


Hornické muzeum
nám. Hynka Kličky 293
261 02 Příbram VI - Březové Hory
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 306 626 307
fax: (+420) 306 225 66


Type: Museum
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