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The division Cheb is the westernmost in the Czech Republic. It borders with Germany at 130 km. This region has always been characterized as a division with develop travel activities, the course of dominant character of the health resort with world-famous towns Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne. From traditional branches of industry has conserved here a fabrication of stringed musical instruments in Luby.

The region is important by its natural wealth, historical and cultural sights. For the division Cheb is typical its geografic diversity (from lowest place Chebska panev - across native park Bohemian Forest ,Smrciny - to a protected regional area Slavkovsky les (top - 983 metres above sea level). Two of three tops of world-famous spa's triangle are located on the territory of the region Cheb - Marianske Lazne (indication: affection of kidney, urether, drowe organs, expiratory organs and newly loading cure gynaecological complaint) and Frantiskovy Lazne (indication: complait drowe and runner apparatus, heartbeat and gynaecological affection). Lazne Kynzvart is specialized in children cure (breathing troubles).

There are registrated 210 mineral springs and 53 are used for treatment. Greatest appearance of spring water is in the centre of the division near Frantiskovy Lazne and the native reservation SOOS - sporadic native phenomenon in Europe. Favourite sights are Cheb castle, castle Seeberg,state castle Kynzvart, towns Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne and a lot of church sights.

The westernmost town of the region Cheb - As, formerly well-known by textile industry, has become very busy and visited place after opening the border used especially by so called one-day tourists. This type of tourism, except visiting of spa , outweight in the whole division. One idea - pay attention to sights of folkloral architecture. The most interesting of them are in villages Doubrava and Novy Drahov , which have been declared by rustic historical reservation of folklore architecture in 1995. Town's memory reservations are in Cheb (gothic, baroque and renaissance houses) and in Frantiskovy Lazne (center of town creates an unique architectural aggregate). The center of Marianske Lazne has been proclaimed by the Town's memory zone. The most visited scenery curiosity are already mentioned - National reservation SOOS, protected regional zone Slavkovsky les and Kladske raseliny (peatbog) in this area. Quite an unknown place is Komorní hurka, the youngest volcano in the Central Europe. You can find this volcano about 2 km far of Frantiskovy Lazne. First impuls to probe this volcano has already given by J.W.Goethe and there is a monument for his memory.

A lot of aquatic areas serve for summer recreation, best-known are dams Skalka and Jesenice near Cheb and a pond Amerika in Frantiskovy Lazne. Of course, here is a lot of caravan sites with a very good standard. As well is possible to appreciate a majority of restaurants and hotels in the whole region.


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