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The main part of the district of Olomouc is located in the lownland of Hornomoravsky dale formed by the river Morava and the area of this district is known as the historic region of Hana. In the north, Olomoucko is surrounded by the mountain range of Nizky Jesenik and Oderske hills, in the west, Drahanska highlands are extending. Architectural gems, natural beauties and folk traditions - it's a brief summary of the choices which Olomoucko offers to anyone who would decide to know this part of Moravia. Many field paths and roads crossing this area are waiting for the lovers of biking and walking which is the best way how to approach to all architectural monuments and natural beauties.

Olomouc is the capital of Hana and is described as "the pearl on the green cushion". The visitors would really joy this old town which was declared as the second Czech Historic Town Reserve after Prague. Olomouc could get the visitors' hearts thanks to its romantic secluded spots, monumental cathedrals, churches and palaces, fountais and spacious parks. Olomouc is also known as the town of the exibitions, among many of them is the Flora Olomouc - famous flower festival and as the town of the International Organ Festival. A significant dominating feature in the environs of Olomouc is the Baroque Pilgrim Church of the Virgin Mary at Svaty Kopecek . This place was visited by the Pope John Paul II. in May 1995. There is also a ZOO in the beautiful forest milieu.

Sternberk can be proud of its architectural monuments - all styles canbe found there, from Gothic to Rennaissance and Classicism. Despite of it, Sternberk is known mostly for the famous motor car race "Ecce Hommo." Surrounding of this seven hundert years old town creates ideal conditions for the tourism and for the skiing. Unicov - one of the seven Moravian towns which can show to its visitors the oldest town's document in the Czech Republic from 1223. Unicov has also the historic monuments - the remains of the town's walls with the Mendelska Gate and Water Gate. The town is famous for its annual music festivals. Litovel is called as "The Venice of Hana" and is the center of the national nature reserve Litovelske Pomoravi. This nature reserve is formed by the river Morava which is surrounded by the unique water meadows and marshes. The lakes and water reservoir have arisen on the gravel sand and today are the home for the rare specimen of plants and animals. Podebrady and Naklo serve as the place for the recreation.
In Bila Lhota, there is an arboretum with an extensive and valuable collection of unique plants from the entire world. The landscape of Olomoucko is rich not only in the nature beauties which you can see on the first sight. The nature created here two underground kingdoms: Javoricske caves have the repution as the richest caves in the Czech Republic and Mladec caves are without exaggeration unique in the world in terms of their geological development. Caves hide in its heart the rock's underground town which admire the speleogists as well as the men in films. The caves also help to heal the children with diseased of the respiratory tract.

Slatinice - a radioactive spa, well-known since the sixteenth century - helps cure diseases of the motor apparatus. The Hana regional open-air museum Prikazy is interesting with its unique village architecture in the village historic reserve. Another dominating feature of the Hana region is the Baroque pilgrim church of the Virgin Mary in Dub nad Moravou which is often refered as the "Hana Basilica". The nagnificient Bouzov castle in the middle of the woods, Sternberk with the Museum of Clocks, the only museum of this sort in the country, Namest na Hane with the unique collection of the golden carriages of Olomouc's bishops and archbishops, all these attraction are accessible to all visitors interested in the history of this region. The castles Chudobin, Kozov a Bystrice which were turn into the hotels offers today quiet and undisturbing stay in the romantic location to anyone who wants relax away from the civilization.


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