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History of Hájov

One of the youngest villages situated approximately 2 km east of Příbor was found on the parceled out territory of a lordship court belonging to the Archbishopric of Olomouc. The land of the court called Hájovský which was also called Rychaltický or Podzámčí, was allotted among 52 people from the surrounding area who became the first inhabitants of the newly originated village in 1780-1790.The purchase contracts, however, were not signed until 1797. The buildings belonging to the court (No. 1) and a smaller portion of the land were changed to a yeomanship in 1796. Another yeomanship (the Haškovec court) which was entitled to run an inn was established in the same year in house No. 53.
In 1833 both yeomanships were bought by the Archbishopric of Olomouc and integrated again in the domain of Hukvaldy. The inhabitants of Hájov originally earned their living from agriculture and in more recent times they found jobs also in the factories in Kopřivnici and Klokočov. The village belonged to the vicarage of Rychaltice and originally also used its school. The municipality founded its own school in 1887.

Lašská brána Beskyd
Dobové pohlednice
1895 - 1945
Stanislava Kovářová
Aleš Pustějovský

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