Saturday 19. September 2020

The Hana Folk Ensamble Klas

In the Czech Republic, in the middle of Moravia There is the fertile Hana plain. It is surrounded by hills and makes the impression of peace and firmness. This region has always offered good living conditions to the people, at the same it has always required hard work and love. Here, not far from Brno, close to Prostějov, in Kralice na Hané. The Hana Folk Ensamble Klas was established in 1971. In its songs and danses it deals with the folk round Hana which differs from the other Moravien tribes. After five years of its function the ensamble achieved a lot of prices both from the professionals, and from the pectators. It belongs to the best folk groups in its country and every year it is being in invited to various home and abroad folk festivals. Klas has some 40 dancers, singers and musicians


Hanácký SLPT Klas
Ing. Vladimíra Šolcová
Západní 89
796 04 Prostějov
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 728 650 966



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