Úterý 27. října 2020

The Church of St. Bartholomew

The original church as well as all historical buildings and sights preserved from older days were destroyed in 1742 when almost all the small town, including the church, burnt down. Official record books and the church registry books were also destroyed.
The new Church of St. Bartholomew was built without delay on the site of its predecessor between 1744 and 1748 temporarily with only a small spire. The tall tower shooting from the entry western front wall was completed as late as in 1793. The Baroque style church has one nave with a presbytery, finished in sections and with oblong attachments (oratory and sacristy). The nave has a ceiling with a profiled transition between the ceiling and the walls, the presbytery has a flat vaulted ceiling and lunettes. The interior of the church was brought here from other churches. The early Baroque pillar altar with a copy of Madonna Area Coeli from 1760 in the attachment, pillar altar of Sv. Kříž from the third quarter of the 17th century and Sv. Václav’s pillar altar from 1661 came from Karlov in Prague; the pillar altar of Sv. Prokop decorated with a pattern of large leaves from approximately 1700 was brought here from a Sázava monastery church. The wooden pulpit is from 1751. The convex rostrum carries an alliance sign of the owners of the Český Šternberk estate, František Adam of Roggendorf and Barbora Marie, nee of Götzen. The sign is situated amongst war trophies and a rich ornamental decoration. Baroque statuettes above the confession booth and pillars of the gallery date back to the first quarter of the 18th century. On the external sacristy wall there are three tomb stones with motives of figures, which have been rather down-trodden. One of them depicts a figure of a knight with the Šternberk coat of arms and the other two depict two female characters with the coat of arms of the noblemen of Říčany. They come from the end of 16th century.


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