Úterý 1. prosince 2020

The Church of the Birth of Our Lady

The church was first mentioned as early as in 1352. It was originally a Gothic style building and is consecrated to the birth of Our Lady. Its tower collapsed in 1845 and had to be rebuilt. The church was reconstructed in the first half of the 18th century, adjusted according to the classicist style in 1845 and then completely reconstructed without any respect to its style in 1862. The church has three naves and a right-angled presbytery with a sacristy added to it in the south. The painting above the main altar was painted by J. Hellich in 1862. The painting of fourteen holy helpers hanging above the side altar will also attract visitors’ attention. The church is also home to a nativity set more than one hundred years ago. A Baroque style vicarage from 1718 is also part of the church.


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