Tuesday 22. October 2019

Janáček´s bench

Leoš Janáček was an owner of a forest which he very often visited. A gamekeeper Vincenc Sládek built a bench for him on a hill of Babí hora. There Janáček used to sit and observed his native land.
In 1925 and 1926 Leoš Janáček bought a forest from two farmers from a village of Dolní Sklenov and he used to visit the forest very often. A gamekeeper Vincenc Sládek looked after the forest. He built a bench for Leoš Janáček who used to sit there and observed the landscape.
In 1994 the surroundings of the bench was modified and a stone with a memorial plaque was fixed to the small wall, which was built behind the bench. There is an inscription on the plaque. It is the same as the inscription on the plaque of the Janáček’s Monument.


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