Tuesday 24. November 2020

Walled chapel in a garden of a house no. 57

This chapel (no. 90 these days) was built in 1936 by citizens of a settlement of Hájov, which was connected to the village. The parcel was a gift from the owner of the house no. 57, who was a wife of an organ player from Rychaltice Ludvík Kološ. Her name was Marie Kološová and she was a niece of a former vicar of Rychaltice Rudolf Nečesaný. He built the house in 1904. In the chapel the visitors can admire a statue of Divine Heart of the Lord by a company Neškuda from Jablonec. The citizens of Hájov financed building of the chapel on their own. The chapel was blessed by a vicar František Janýška and the first stop by the chapel was on June 11th during a feast of Divine Body.


Type: Chapel
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