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The Village of Komňa (cca 540 inhabitants, area of 1637 hectares)
is located at a distance of 5 kilometres south of Bojkovice Town, in the picturesque
foothills of the main White Carpathian mountain range. The village is believed to be a birth place of Johann Amos Comenius, the famous Czech teacher and learned man. A small local museum provides its visitors with all pieces of information concerning Comenius' s activities in the White Carpathian region as well as of other important historical events which took place in the region.The protected historical monuments of the village are represented by St. James Church from the first quarter of 19. century as well as some of the exhibits of folk architecture. The inhabitants of the village stick to their rich folk custom tradition, such as carnivals, Christmas singing, Easter folk customs etc. Detailed information concerning the village of Komňa and the Bojkovice microregion can be obtained in the Microregion Information Centre in Bojkovice as well as in the tourist information centre in Komňa, which is open from May to the end of September.



  • Northern latitude: 48° 59´ 43.74¨
  • Eastern longitude: 17° 47´ 53.40¨

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