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Trnávka Village is situated in the valley of the Trnávka river approx. 7 km northeast of Příbor. In the north it neighbours with Petřvald na Moravě Village, in the east with Brušperk and Fryčovice, in the south with Kateřinice and in the west with Mošnov. The surroundings of the village are hilly and forested. Trnávka Village became independent in 1850-1980; in 1980 it was fused with Příbor Town. The village became independent again in 1992. There are no documents retained which deal with the foundation and origin of the village. The village is remembered originally as Trenavia in 1307 and also as Trenavia when it became an independent Episcopal feudal tenure. Mikuláš "von Tirnaw" kept Trnávka in the 14th century and Jiří of Trnávka and of Brušperk appears amongst its holders from the 15th century. The Estate of Trnávka belonged to Chorynský of Ledské who, since the 16th century, was deprived of it for his part in the rebellion directed against the Hapsburgs. After the Battle of White Mountain in 1622, Jan Krištof Orlík of Lažisko bought Trnávka. Then for more than 260 years, the estate was in the hands of Harasovský of Harasov. Vetter of Lily bought the farm Trnávka in 1891 and this family held it till 1945. Trnávka was an agricultural village with two seigniorial farmyards and water mill not far from the village. A fortress stood here in the 16th century. Chabičov Settlement belonging to the village of Trnávka is situated to the north of the village originated at the end of the 18th century.



  • Northern latitude: 49° 41´ 9.30¨
  • Eastern longitude: 18° 10´ 49.20¨

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ALTITUDE: 246.00 m

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