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Church of St Francis Seraph, Příbor

In 1622, a little church, called the Church of St Francis, was erected on the hillock above the street called Místecká today in. Josef Lužný, who has compiled a list of the Příbor's religious historic sights and monuments, has written that the church was built for 8 ducats. The church contained an altar, organ loft and two little bells in the tower. Near the church, there was a lime tree called "the Lime of Rescue", which had played an important role in a story of attacking the town of Příbor by Swedish troops. The lime was cut down in 1831.

The area surrounding the Church of St Francis was chosen to build up a new burial site; it was consecrated in 1623. At that time, former Church of Holy Cross stood no more in that place - it was pulled down in 1611. As it was built again in 1645, it started to be used as a burial place again. So, the churchyard at the Church of St Francis, which started to be called "the new" cemetary then, was used for burials as late as 1720.

In the middle of the 19th century, a necessity of another cemetery arose. The churchyard at the parish church was used for burials no more and the churchyard at the Church of St Francis was not sufficient. That was why the town bought a plot situated along the road to the village of Skotnice to build up a new cemetery in 1849. That caused "the new" cemetery at the Church of St Francis to become "the old" cemetery; after 1850, burials were only seldom held there. Due to the support of Jan Raška a Barbora Rašková, a stone cross in memory of ordaining their son Antonín a priest was erected there in 1852.

Many outstanding personalities have been buried in the old cemetery. In the cemetery, there is a priest tomb; in addition, mayors of the town, town councillors, schoolteachers, professors, doctors, master builders and many other outstanding citizens have been buried there. Cast iron crosses on the graves and nice forged stained-glass lanterns were typical of this cemetery.

All of these have been destroyed during the last 30 years. The Church of St Francis has decayed as well. It has recently been threatened to completely be destroyed. For that reason, the Town Council decided to repair it overall. On November 13th, 1994, the little church was ceremonially reopened after a restoration.



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