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Church of Holy Cross, Příbor

According to some archive documents, this church was probably a parish church serving for the surrounding villages. References in that documents state that the church was erected in 1516. However, the wooden church was shabby as early as 1611 so that Cardinal Dietrichstein allowed to pull down it. There was a churchyard around the church. However, the churchyard, too, was not suitable as it had been situated in a very swampy place. For that reason, the community of Příbor looked for a new area to place a cemetery and church. The community decided to build up a church on a hillock at the northern end of the town. According to Řehoř Wolný, a little church, named Church of St Francis, was erected there in 1622 and consecrated in 1623. As the Church of Holy Cross was erected again, thanks to Markéta Knurová, on its original site in 1645, burials were held there by 1720. The church was hit by fires in 1728 and 1758. It was restored and, in 1778, rebuilt. In 1888, bell ringing was banned for the church tower had been in a critical condition.

The tower beams were rotten and the tower was deviated and it threatened to fall. In 1897-98, the church was restored. A new triumphal arch was built up and the original shingle roof was covered with slate. Another large repair was performed in 1948-50, when the roof slate was replaced with a galvanised sheet metal and the church was repaired both outside and inside.

In 1961-62, burials were arranged in the church (after Chapel of St Elizabeth had been demolished and before a ceremonial hall has been built up at the cemetery). The last repairs were performed in 1994. The church tower was restored and the church building was refaced.

The main altar is a folk woodcarving work dated from the period about 1750. It is decorated with an imitation marble and coated with gold. In the middle, there is a wooden cross with the life-size Christ's body. On the epistle side, there is a wooden statue of St Helen kneeling with a crown on her head. At the main altar, there are three windows decorated with a multicoloured mosaic. On the Gospel side, you can see a painting of the Virgin Mary Pained while a painting of St John Evangelist, the Lord's favourite, can be seen on the epistle side. The middle window consists of multicoloured circular ornaments.

On the left side of the church, there is an altar of St Elizabeth. At the church, there is a cross with a dedicating inscription dated from 1802. Both the church and the cross are among the protected historic buidings and monuments.



  • Northern latitude: 49° 38´ 26.88¨
  • Eastern longitude: 18° 8´ 41.46¨

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