Friday 21. February 2020

Trnávka Chateau Park

The chateau park by the pond is a pleasant place for rest and relaxation. Important trees and shrubs, such as the largeleaf lined and smallleafed lime, oak tree, birch sallow, maples, horse chestnut and others can be found here. In the whole locality there some scarce varieties of amphibians can be found, including the following: edible frogs, tree frogs and pool frogs, normally found in only two areas of North Moravia. We can meet here blindworm, sand lizards, grass snakes and other reptiles. The dragonfly species Leucorrhinia flies over the water's surface. This locality is of extraordinary importance from a botanical point of view as one of the few places of habitation of species critically threatened with extinction such as the water lettuce (savinian natans). In the last couple of years a pair of swans settled on the pond getting on well with bringing up of cygnets.


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