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Historie obce Pozděchov

Village Pozděchov is situated in North part of Vizovice higlands. It is one of highest situated village on Vsetin region with typical mountain populate.
Pozděchov is located on area 1345 hectares and population is 585 inhabitants.
The first knowing about village Pozděchov, are from 1361 when Pozděchov belong to Vizovice domination, but probably exist at 11th century. At this time Pozděchov belong to Zlin region.
At the winter we can use our free time on locate ski lift. All year kids and adults can go to locate gym. At the summer we can use our free time by playing tennis and volleyball.
In Pozděchov are growing protected flowers saffron.
The village Pozděchov lies under the hills Klášťov, Vartovna and Svéradov. At our village is steaming brook called Pozděchůvka. The most of the Pozděchov area is covered by forest.
At the beautiful surrounding in the middle of pozděchov forest, in Trubiska valley standing wooden castle build as summer residence by Vizovice aristocrats. Near of castle rise sulphurous spring.
Pozděchov like a small village is unique with two churches. Older is catholic (1710) and younger is evangelic (1890).


Type: History
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