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Nature reserve Svinec

Nature reserve Svinec

Cadastral area: Kojetín
Protective zone: Kojetín, Jičina, Loučka, Nový Jičín - Horní Předměstí, Starý Jičín
Area of the nature reserve: 38,25 ha
Area of the protective zone: 162 ha
Date of the proclamation: 22.12.1994
Characterization: Ablaze with flowers, small woods and balks with the occurence of pale orchis (orchis pallens), dead-man's fingers and other especially protected plants and animals.

It occurs approximately 1,5 km to the southeast of the village Starý Jičín in the triangle among the villages Nový Jičín - Kojetín.

It concerns botanically and landscape valuable area of shapeplant associations, generically varied meadows and pastures of the area of 33,65 ha. A great amount of rare and protected species of animals and plants, especially orchidaceas is recorded here.

In the locality also occur:
gold lily (Lilium martagon L.),
star gentian (Tretorhiza cruciata L.),
oxlip (Primula eletoir)
cowslip (Primula veris L.)
and others.

An occuration of 42 species of mollusces was found here out.

For the protection of nature reserve a protective zone of the area of 162 ha was established.



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