Friday 23. October 2020

Summer-house with the bust of Leoš Janáček

A sandstone bust of a music composer Leoš Janáček standing on a square pedestal on whose left hand there is a title-signature: "Hlavica 1997". It is placed in an open circular altan, covered by a narrow conical roof, supported by four columns. The bust belongs to the collection which was brought to the National Park on the Kotouč hill by Dr. A. Hrstka around 1920. In 1971 the original was restored by an academic sculptor Z. Pícha and stored in the lapidarium of the District museum of national history in Nový Jičín.



  • Northern latitude: 49° 35´ 12.96¨
  • Eastern longitude: 18° 7´ 7.98¨

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