Saturday 5. December 2020

The Collection of Augustýn and Jan Hückel´s Houses

A pair of luxury family homes of the Hückel businessmen, partners in the hat company of J. J. Hückel’s Söhne. The world-famous factory was nationalized after 1945, renamed to TONAK and together with the family villas passed to the state’s possession. The collection consists of two neo-Renaissance buildings with an identical ground plan and volume; the buildings are situated in an inverted mirror position on a modest terrain undulation near the production buildings of the plant. The project is the work of a Viennese architect, Otto Thienemann, who worked in Nový Jičín in the late 1870s. The villas were supplemented with a valuable garden arrangement of a symmetrically sprouted parterre; behind the villas a vast nature-landscape park with rare woody plants was established.


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