Friday 29. May 2020

Let´s taste the \"Štramberk ears\"

Many years ago Tartars invaded the town of Štramberk. They were ruthless fighters who used to cut ears to all captives or adversaries. Local people sought shelter from the Tartars on the Kotouč hill. The Tartars wanted to attack them but suddenly a storm broke, water kept coming up and the Tartars drowned. Since then people have been celebrating this and one day before the Ascencion Day a big festival is held, reminding of that event and people bake this lovely ginger pastry with an unusual name "Štramberské uši" (Štramberk ears).

Following walk will not only be connected with tasting this delicacy, but we are also going to visit the most beautiful and most interesting places of the town that was declared a town conservation area in 1969 and for its picturesqueness it is called "The Moravian Bethlehem".

Štramberk, square - National park 0,7 km - Šipka 1,2 km - Kotouč 2 km - National park 3,2 km - Trúba 4,2 km - Štramberk, square 4,5 km




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