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The monastery along with the church makes up the best-major sights city and prime dominant of the historical part in Šumperk. It is a town property.
Dominicans went under mendicant orders and they used to settle in prosperous areas. Šumperk monastery was founded in 1293 by Vyšehrad provost Jan. After the fire of the town in 1513 the town owner Petr from Žerotín helped to repair the monastery and the church. His son Přemek thrusted Dominicans out of the Šumperk. He presented the church to the Lutherans and the object of the monastery served as a storehouse of salt and furring.
The Dominicans returned to the town as late as after Bílá Hora battle. The golden period of the order was finished in 1784 when the imperator Joseph II. disbanded the Šumperk Dominicans. The monastery was rebuilt to barracks and raised by one floor. There is the Secondary School for Nurses in the building, which is under reconstruction now.

Originally a Gothic temple got this baroque appearance after the fire in 1669. Below the Arch of Triumph there is a crypt, where members of the Order as well as other people were buried.
Restoration works in the monasterial church began in 1987 and should be completed by 2005. Then the church is supposed to be instrumental to ecumenical divine services. The unexceptionable acoustics offers a potential for splendid concerts. In 1994 the Bell of Liberty was hung in the church tower. It is used on state holidays and festive occasions.

The building can be seen during a guided walk through the historical centre of the town "Walk from 13th into 21st century". The walks start by the townhall on Náměstí Míru (square). During a summer they run daily except Saturdays every odd hour. In other time you must order the walk on Information centre.


Vlastivědné muzeum v Šumperku
Hlavní třída 22
787 31 Šumperk
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 583 214 070
(+420) 583 214 000
fax: (+420) 583 214 909



  • Northern latitude: 49° 57´ 51.96¨
  • Eastern longitude: 16° 58´ 12.96¨

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